Thursday, June 18, 2009

Collapsing the Potential....

I got very excited recently about an accidental insight into the Power of Intention (note the capitalisation!)gained from a book bought simply to while away the time on a long flight. It was almost a similar "Eureka!" moment to that I experienced when reading "Excuse me your life is waiting". However, this book isn't even intended to educate or enlighten - it's simply a thriller, and purely for entertainment.

The story follows experimentation to create the perfect human being by accelerating genetic evolution using a quantum-measuring device. (Stick with me - it's not as complicated as it sounds!)

It's quite a dark book, with lots of death and destruction along the way - just what you'd expect from a thriller! But what a nougat of wisdom in the final twist!

The passage that made me sit up came right at the end, where the addition of focussed intention in the form of prayer influenced the result of the experiment.

As I firmly believe in the Power of Intention (although have yet to master it completely) my P.I. radar started to bleep at these words:
"'What is prayer but a focus of the mind, a focus of consciousness... and if consciousness is a quantum phenomenon, then prayer is a quantum phenomenon.'
'And like all quantum phenomena, it will and must measure and influence the result.'
......'Human consciousness, in the form of prayer, acts as a perfect quantum-measuring tool.'"

And then.....
"It was quantum measurements that ultimately collapsed potential into reality."

Everything starts off as pure potential and "collapses into reality" once all the variables have settled into place. Those variables can include external circumstances and influences as well as internal influences such as thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, etc.

However, since human consciousness is the perfect quantum-measuring tool - the highest influencing factor - its application can determine which potential is ultimately "collapsed into reality"!

Every situation begins with the potential to end in a multitude of ways - good in varying degrees, bad in varying degrees, indifferent.........

We often believe that we have no control over events, that we are victims of fate, that circumstances are out of our control - and perhaps we really can't influence all the external variables. But until that potential situation has "collapsed into reality" we still have the power to manage the internal influences of our own thoughts and emotions, to introduce simple belief in the outcome, and to apply our own incredible resource of human consciousness to push it in the direction we want. You never know, that small effort might be all that's needed to give the potential that extra "push" that collapses it in the direction you want!

What can collapse potential into the reality we want? What can influence the outcome for us? Focus, prayer, consciousness, mindfulness, concentrated thought - whatever you want to call your Power of Intention.

We are influencing the reality of our lives all the time with the constant stream of thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs that flit through our minds unmonitored a million times a day.

So, on my mirror is a sticker with the words "Collapsing the Potential!" just to remind me to do consciously what I'm doing unconsciously every minute, every second of the day!

Oh, and if you want to know what the book is, check it out here!

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