Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

You have been given the gift of a brand new year....... 
Unwrap it with care - who knows what treasures it contains? 

Unfold each layer with excitement and anticipation and you will find your
positive expectations rewarded.  

Look for the small things hidden in its depths - these may offer unexpected delights.  

Do not be disappointed with any part of it - the best gifts often come in disguise. 

Explore it layer by layer, day by day - there will always be something new to find.  

Whatever your gift contains, know that what you unwrap is a reflection of the energy you radiate.  

Appreciate everything you are given as your year unfolds, and the treasures of joy, laughter, love and light will be revealed within your gift.

Blessed be.  xx
Brenda El-Leithy

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