Monday, January 25, 2016


25 January 2016


The words “SOUL DECISION” began to plague my thoughts over several days and nights after they came into a Shamanic journey.

Never having encountered this term before I began to wonder “What does ‘Soul Decision’ mean?“

The problem with Shamanic Journeys is that you are often given snippets of information and knowledge that you have to incubate and allow to hatch into realisation at their own pace!  And so the meaning of the words, “Soul Decision”, unfolded over several days and nights,  the meaning becoming clearer little by little until I ended up with this......

The Soul enters the physical world with a LIFE PLAN – a “SOUL PURPOSE” - and lessons to be learned in order to fulfil that purpose.  It ensures that all the elements are in place to support its “Life Plan” – it chooses place of birth, time of birth, birth name, family circumstances, parents, siblings, environment, talents, etc.

This is the FREE WILL of the Soul expressed prior to birth by the choices made in support of its intended Life Plan.  After birth, free will is expressed by the human choices we make along our LIFE PATH, watched over by the Soul, which does not interfere in our choices, but nevertheless provides guidance in terms of intuition, coincidence, synchronicity, etc. – if we pay attention!

However, sometimes, along life’s journey, the Soul makes a DECISION, or a choice, to withdraw from that life BEFORE THE ALLOTTED TIME.   In such cases the physical body experiences sudden, early and/or unexpected death – i.e. withdrawal from that life before the time the Soul originally intended when setting its Life Plan.

This is NOT the same as the sudden or early death that may have been written into the Life Plan. The Life Plan may have scheduled death within a short time of birth, or in childhood, or early life, as part of its SOUL PURPOSE in order for that Soul to learn certain lessons, or allow others to learn lessons from that experience.

However, when it is a SOUL DECISION to withdraw from that life and deviate from the original Life Plan it could be for a number of reasons: 

- The Soul recognises it is not strong enough to meet the commitments it made for this lifetime, i.e. it set itself too big a task, or gave its human form too many limitations for the tasks;

- The Soul needs to change course to assist another Soul;

- The Soul is called back because it has completed its purpose early;

- Another Soul needs to have a different interaction with that Soul that involves death because of its level of progress on its own Life Plan;

- The interconnectedness of Souls and the interdependence of their Life Plans means that a Soul has to be able to modify its Life Plan;

- And I also had – “bored with this life, decided to start again”! 

I don’t know what all this means in terms of Spirituality and the Soul Journey, i.e. the Soul’s evolution – but it does, of course, raise more questions: 

Did the Soul “sacrifice” its Life Plan – or does a Soul come into physical being with more than one “path” in its Life Plan and it changes direction according to the “collective Soul progress”? (Something like, “All roads lead to Rome!”)  In other words, it changes course depending on how another Soul or Souls, with which it is interacting in this lifetime, progress on their own journey. (Boggle your mind around that one!). 

- What is a Soul’s priority?  Fulfilling it’s own Soul Purpose, or deviating from its path to help another Soul? 

- What are the consequences for other Souls whose Life Plan includes interaction on one of the “paths” that has now been abandoned?

Is there a continuous “shifting” of SOUL PURPOSE to accommodate SOUL DECISIONS?

Something to think about.... 

Monday, January 18, 2016

All Fired Up!

All fired up!

I'm posting this experience of several years ago to encourage everyone not to put off till tomorrow what presents itself today.  

I have visited Bimini to swim with wild dolphins on eight occasions, and will probably do so again!  But it wasn’t all sun, sea, sand and dolphins on every occasion!  I did get stranded on the tiny island during Hurricane Katrina where we couldn't put out to sea until the last day of the trip.  But that last day, when we determined to go out regardless, we had the most amazing of my dolphin experiences.  

On another occasion, the weather again turned against us but we were given the opportunity to experience a challenge you don’t meet every day – fire eating!  No, this wasn’t part of a circus-type entertainment; our resident “fireman”, Bill Keefe, works with Anthony Robbins and travels around the world with him facilitating the fire-walking that is part of his motivational presentations. 

So, part of this challenge was in facing the fear, overcoming limitations, and letting belief rule.  And it wasn’t just about completing the challenge, it was about using the challenge as a focus for something you really want, and, in consuming the flames, that intention to attain the goal achieves a life of its own.

It does require a couple of “cold” runs to get the technique right, and not everyone was ready to risk “hot lips” when it came to doing it with a burning flame! 

Did I do it?   The answer is a big, fat, YES!! 

I held the petrol-doused wand in front of my eyes, focused my intention on the goal I was working towards, dipped the end of the wand in the candle flame, raised the burning wand above my head, and plunged the fire into my mouth, closing my lips around it!

Was it powerful!  Another big, fat, YES!!

Was it doubly powerful for me?  YES!  The reason being that I had the opportunity to do this on Bimini six years previously and I wimped out.  Ever since, I’d regretted it, and the fact that I was given another opportunity sent a very strong message that I needed to do this.  

Had I done it six years before, who knows what may have opened up within me, how the course of my life might have changed?  Perhaps, by holding back then, I just delayed the release of that power that was within me.  This time I closed the circle -  no holding back!

So, as this year begins, if a door opens, if an opportunity stares you in the face – follow through.  Who knows where that door will lead?  Sometimes it seems dark beyond the door; stepping into the unknown can be darned uncomfortable, not just scary.  But unless and until you step through the door, you will never know what opportunities await, and the door may not open again…...  I was lucky  - it did!

If opportunity knocks, don’t respond, “Not now!  I’m busy! I'm not sure about this...”   Drop everything and get curious!

Something to think about for this year??

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

You have been given the gift of a brand new year....... 
Unwrap it with care - who knows what treasures it contains? 

Unfold each layer with excitement and anticipation and you will find your
positive expectations rewarded.  

Look for the small things hidden in its depths - these may offer unexpected delights.  

Do not be disappointed with any part of it - the best gifts often come in disguise. 

Explore it layer by layer, day by day - there will always be something new to find.  

Whatever your gift contains, know that what you unwrap is a reflection of the energy you radiate.  

Appreciate everything you are given as your year unfolds, and the treasures of joy, laughter, love and light will be revealed within your gift.

Blessed be.  xx
Brenda El-Leithy