Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Bridge of Life

This insight was give to me in a state between sleep and awakening, a time when our consciousness is in a state of stillness to receive information, but also aware enough to remember and process it.

I was doing my daily commute to work with many other people.
We were all on foot and all had to take the same route over a bridge ahead of us.
I came to the beginning of the bridge which stretched over a vast empty space and I had to get across it in order to complete my journey.
The bridge was a simple metal girder, with a width of about 10 cm  - not even the length of my foot!   It was so long that I couldn’t see the other side.
There was a rail on one side only – one rail at hand height and another about thigh height with empty space in between – so not much security!
Both rails were cut square, of metal and about 5 cm wide and the colour of the metal was gray.

Both hands were needed to hold the rail on the one side, so the way to get over was not to walk straight along the metal span, but to side step along the span, facing to the side and holding the rail with both hands.  So my heels and toes were over the edge of the span due to its narrow width.

The only way to get to my destination was over the bridge, and below it was just clouds and vast emptiness. 
I stepped onto the bridge clinging tightly to the rail, heart beating madly, tense and anxious.
I squeezed my eyes shut and began to feel my way along with my feet, never letting go of the rail, not knowing how far I had gone nor how far I still had to go.

There was a woman coming up behind me and she started pushing me, increasing my fear of falling. 
Then she said, “Open your eyes, open your eyes!” 
I said, “No, I’m afraid!” 
She said, “You have to see!”  
So I squinted one eye open, ready to close it again quickly if I saw only empty space, and then, standing quite still and still gripping the rail, I slowly opened both eyes. 

Before me was the most marvellous view – in my case I was looking over London where I used to do my daily commute.
But I was above the clouds and through breaks in the clouds I could see the landscape in the distance. 
Below me were more clouds so I still felt in a precarious position and was breathing fast.

Then my husband appeared in front of me – I don't know what he was standing on but he seemed very comfortable and not afraid at all.  (Old soul?)

He reached out his hands to me and said, “Take my hands”. 
I said, “No, if I let go I will fall!”
He said, “Trust me”. 
I said, “I do trust you, but I don’t trust myself – I may cause you to fall too!” 
And I closed my eyes again and started edging along sideways again, feeling my way, not knowing what was beneath me or how long the bridge was.

While I was still in this “in between” state I asked in my mind what the meaning of this dream was and this was the response.

“This is the Bridge of Life, between birth when we step onto it, and death when we reach our destination.  Most of us step onto the bridge and edge along awkwardly, full of fear, with our eyes closed, afraid to turn and face what is in front of us, always afraid of falling/failing. 

There may be brief moments when we meet someone whose eyes are wide open and urging us to see, and we may dare to open our eyes.   When we do there is a whole new world in our view, but fear of its immensity may cause us to close our eyes again. 

There may also be times when a hand is stretched out to help us and offer us a different way and a different experience, an awareness that can empower us.  Again fear may prevent us from stepping off into the unknown without the support with which we are familiar. 

Whether we go forward with our eyes open looking up to the beauty and potential around us, or keep our eyes closed for fear of the emptiness that may stretch beneath us; whether we follow the guidance and help we are constantly offered, or mistrust the demonstration of our own power; whether we dare to step out and explore different options for our life journey, or keep clinging to the same old path,  IT IS ALL UP TO US.”
There were many people sharing the route I was taking, but this was only one of many “commutes”.  I was aware that there were many other“bridges” and many other routes being shared – but all with the same destination.

It is only when we reach the end of the bridge – death – that we arrive at our destination and can review each step of the way.    And perhaps each experience helps us to prepare for our next “commute” and helps us to plan our route, or design the next “Bridge of Life” that we will cross!

Something to think about.....

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