Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Divine and The Dark

We so often hear speak of imbalances of energy, of there being too much masculine, dark, violent energy, and that the remedy for this is to emphasise the feminine – to empower women, to overturn the patriarchal system and replace it with a matriarchal one.

We hear the statement, “Women’s wisdom/the goddess energy is needed now more than ever to counter the masculine energy that is destroying the planet/society/the environment, etc”

Now that may well be a way forward, a way to overcome the darkness that seems to envelop the world at the moment.  But if the “feminine” energy becomes predominant, will that lead to balance? Or would an over-enthusiastic drive towards increasing the feminine influence and empowering women lead to an imbalance in the other direction? 

And what would be the effect of an imbalance caused by an excess of “feminine” energy?  Would it have negative implications – in the same way that we perceive the negative consequences of an excess of “masculine” energy?

There are many groups which seem to focus only on remedying the imbalance by enhancing the feminine energy through the empowerment of women.  They perceive the masculine energy, i.e., the male influence that permeates every aspect of our lives, as the root cause of every wrong thing that is happening in the world.    

I see this as far too simplistic.  There is the divine feminine and the dark feminine, as well as the divine masculine and the dark masculine.  Women are just as capable of dark deeds and intentions as are men; men are just as capable of divine deeds and intentions as are women.  Who knows what women in power, without balance, would do?  Perhaps the dark feminine would be empowered....??

Energy is neutral  - it is the intention that makes it positive or negative, dark or divine.  Our gender serves to enhance one aspect of energy more than another but we all have within us the divine and the dark.

If we look on the dark masculine energy as the cause of so many problems in the world, surely the need is for an increase in the divine masculine to counter the dark masculine?  Not just more of the feminine, whether dark or divine?  We need the masculine energy just as much as we need the feminine energy.  But in both cases we need the divine aspect to balance out the dark. 

In which case, perhaps the imbalance is between the dark and the divine, not between the masculine and the feminine.

If that is the case, should we not be looking for the light of the masculine and embracing it with the light of the feminine?  Should women be excluding men from the solution to the world’s problems?  If women look at masculine energy as the problem, are they dismissing the potential of masculine energy to also bring about the solution? 

Would change happen faster by encouraging the divine masculine, by focusing on it, enhancing it and welcoming men into the divine energy vibration? Without dark there can be no light – how would we recognise the light if we didn’t have the contrast of the dark? 

Surely it’s the divine energy that is needed – both masculine and feminine - that which exists both in men and women alongside the dark – not just “feminine/women’s/goddess energy” per se?

What is required, perhaps, is not simply the empowerment of women, the raising of “feminine energy”, and the rejection of the masculine, but a powerful intention to raise the divine and subdue the dark in both - and acknowledge that feminine energy can also be flawed.  

Perhaps it’s time to change our approach and acknowledge that masculine energy in its divine form is a necessary balance to the divine feminine;  setting the intention to embrace the divine masculine as well as the divine feminine and use that focus to create the reality - where attention goes, energy flows. 

In other words, to work with the masculine instead of in opposition!

Something to think about......

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