Saturday, March 11, 2017

Creativity - Relinquish and Release

Our WOW! meeting this month is delivered by Sara Allan – an artist whose paintings are created through “channelled” information she receives from her spirit guide, and which convey a message that is only revealed on completion.

I am in an advantageous position ahead of the meeting because I have had the chance to see a video of Sara explaining the process of “relinquishing control”  in order to release the creativity that allows her to express her art.

So, this got me thinking of creativity, of inspiration, of art in its many forms – painting, writing, poetry, story-telling, music, first come to mind, but we should extend the perception of creativity to embrace other activities we tend to “get lost” in because we enjoy them.  In this respect, we can add creative handicrafts, creative fashion, creative games – and so on.  In fact, probably anything can be listed that requires imagination and inspiration!

Many aspiring and even experienced artists and writers often experience mental blocks – when the creative juices fail to flow and the expression of the art fails to manifest – it becomes hard work.  There is a tendency then to put even more mental and physical effort into the creative process in order to push through the barriers and complete the production process. 

From Sara’s experience, my thoughts turned towards the issue of control.   Is there a need to “relinquish control” in order to release creativity – perhaps a different kind of creativity?

In relinquishing control and allowing ourselves to be guided separately from our mind, are we then better able to step into the flow of creativity, or experience a different kind of creativity?  One that originates from outside our limited human knowledge and experience?  Should we just “allow” creativity to happen in whatever way it wants to be expressed? When we are in “creative mode” are we over-concerned with completion – the end product – instead of the process?

It is interesting to see how Sara allows decisions on shape, size, colour, texture, etc. for a painting to be determined for her, rather than by her.  Mind does not interfere, spirit is given a free hand to use the physical act to express what needs to be released.

“Relinquish Control to Release Creativity” was the message I was inspired to release in this brief meandering!  And I was reminded that my book, “Dancing with Dolphins” was pure channeling with no intention at all of producing a book!

So, Sara’s presentation will be an interesting insight into the art of channeled painting and the origins of inspiration.

The WOW! (Women of the World) meeting with Sara Allan is on Saturday 18 March 2017 in Koycegiz:

More information on Sara’s work and her exhibitions is at 


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