Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Power of Blessings

Words have power.  They carry the energy of the emotion and intent with which we express them, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Once spoken, their energy flows out to join the universal web to which we are all connected.  So, every word we speak reaches out and touches hearts, minds, spirit and souls of all that exists.  Language is irrelevant – the vibration of sound is simply a vehicle that carries the emotion and power of intention and weaves it into the fabric of the universe.

The gift of speech is a double-edged sword - words can heal or harm; empower or impede;
bless or curse; bring joy or despair.  And so we must learn to use words in a way that will enhance and empower our own existence as well as that of everyone and everything to which we are connected.

And what better way to work with the energy of words than in the form of blessings?

Blessings are the transfer of loving energy through words. It is not just the words you speak, but the power expressed in them that matters – the power of emotion and the power of intent.

My attention has recently been drawn to the power of blessings to repair the “holes” in the universal energy field created by the “dark energy” that is bringing our earth and its inhabitants to its knees.  Natural and man-made crises are eating away at the very fabric of life as we know it.  I don’t need to point out that the language of the media, of politics and of fear is a good indication of the power of words to “blast holes” in the delicate web of life – not to mention our own negative language in response to this!

So, how do we counteract this “unravelling” effect and “weave the world, and ourselves, to wellness"?  How do we empower the earth, ourselves and those we care for?  What can we give that will enable us to rise above the challenges – personal and global - and create the threads of hope and strength that will repair the web of life and “weave the world to wellness”?

At the energetic and spiritual level, the most effective and successful solutions are usually the simplest – and the simplicity of  “A blessing a day to drive the darkness away” is something that requires only a few words infused with a loving heart and intention.

The power to bless is not confined to religious hierarchy or the sole prerogative of any religious ideology or deity.  We are all capable of giving blessings because we are all capable of expressing a loving intention, through words voiced, or through words thought.  At the moment of releasing a blessing, we are also releasing any negativity we may hold around that person, that situation, that event, that place, and will be raising the energetic vibrations of all those around us and therefore the world.  You see and experience the power of words every day, so don’t underestimate the power of your own words to transform and empower.

There is no particular formula blessings have to take. In fact, inspiration and spontaneity to match the situation are more effective than learned ritual and ceremony. If the mind dominates it drains the power by focusing only on the act.  The heart energy and the intention are key, and we can all learn how to infuse our words with “blessing energy” – which is what we will be doing at our next WOW! group meeting at the end of September.

And how can we use the power of blessings?  Well, we bless to heal and empower, to fully engage with a situation, to solve relationship problems, to help ourselves and others meet challenges, to acknowledge a lesson, to reach out and transform energy, to connect with the web of life, and even to neutralise negativity within and around us instead of bemoaning what we feel we have no control over!

And as the vibration of the blessing moves through our own energy field, then we are also blessed by its power.

So – a blessing a day (at least!) is a simple and effective means of making a difference and “weaving the world to wellness”.

Why not start now?

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