Sunday, November 08, 2015

Colours in your name - the vibration of red.

I host a monthly women's group where we discuss esoteric topics and all things weird and wonderful.  

One of our discussions considered the chakra chart derived from the colours associated with the letters of our name, using the standard colour/letter association.  

From the completed chart we can interpret the past life experience that we have brought with us and look at our soul lesson in this life.  Our experience in previous lives can help us progress in this lifetime and fulfill our soul purpose.

I'm aware of my own lack of the red vibration, not only in my birth name but also in my first married name and my second married name!  This corresponds to the base chakra, the physical world, survival instinct, being of service to others, vitality, strength, etc..

But it was interesting to see how many more of us completely lack red in the energy of our name, or have only one or two “red” letters, and furthermore, that the assignment of letters to the colour red in this ancient system (c, j, q, x) makes it difficult to have more.

We debated this at the meeting and speculated that perhaps we are witnessing a global effect of that lack of experience on the red vibration.

Perhaps that lack of experience shows up in the inability of humanity at this time to manage the physical world/environment sympathetically and unselfishly, and to manage the traits of the colour red and the base chakra in a positive way.   

Those traits include anger, competitiveness, ambition, sexuality, fight for survival, willpower, etc. – all of which have a dark and violent side which we can see is very pronounced at this time.

Perhaps because the colour system itself – whatever its origin - does not allow for a lot of  “experienced” red energy to be brought in, this planet is the “testing ground” for lessons on that vibration – and the lessons are particularly hard simply because we lack the experience.  

 Or perhaps opportunities for that experience have not been available to us before now?

Is what we are seeing the dark side of the red energy - when the planet needs the positive strength, drive and vitality of the red – for its own survival?

Is there a deeper meaning to the ancient assignment of the letters?  Are we all here to work on saving this planet by learning how to manage that particular red energy vibration?  

And on second thoughts – there are lots of q’s and x’s in oriental names when they are written in Latin script.  For the life of me, I can’t work out what all this means!!

Something to think about........

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